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Firing Range Lead Management Services: Indoor and Outdoor

1 Priority Environmental Services provides lead and dust management services for gun ranges1 Priority Environmental Services offers a broad range of services for your indoor or outdoor firing range. Services include basic cleaning and bullet trap inspection, lead reclamation from soil, to full decommissioning and demolition of ranges.

1 Priority serves indoor and outdoor ranges for a diverse base of clients that include police and military firing ranges, local and national government agencies, and private clubs. Our services include lead reclamation (bullets and lead shot recovery), firing range cleaning & maintenance, and soil lead remediation services.

Our teams provide superior field services, safe operations, environmental regulatory expertise, responsible maintenance, and facility closure & remediation services. 

1 Priority team members provide:

  • Lead decontamination of shooting range surfaces
  • Air flow evaluations for safely removing hazardous waste from ventilation ducts and air filters
  • Complex decommissioning, demolition and removal of old ranges
  • Wet wiping of stalls, walls and surfaces with lead dust
  • Bullet trap inspections and cleaning
  • Lead recovery, transportation and negotiated recycling pricing to benefit owners

All work is performed in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 1926.62 Lead Exposure in Construction Standard and all applicable state and federal laws.

Why Maintain a Lead Capture and Removal Program?

Saving cost when possible is common in every business, though following regulations with a maintenance schedule will save owners and operators considerable cost and business interruption.  Under certain circumstances, range solid waste impacted with lead can be a RCRA Hazardous Waste.

Range soils and backstop materials will accumulate significant lead concentrations. Collected, containerized and stored lead bullets & shot must comply with RCRA hazardous waste requirements and obligations for your range.

RCRA statute sections 7002 and 7003 allow the EPA, states or citizens to file civil lawsuits to compel cleanup of or other action for “solid waste” that pose actual or potential imminent and substantial endangerment. Lead shot that accumulates over time and has the potential to migrate, which increases with time.

These conditions make ranges that have not removed lead likely candidates for legal actions unless they are able to document a scheduled maintenance program for regular lead removal, along with written records that document containerization and removal of waste (paper, filters, PPE, debris etc.) which is commonly determined to be RCRA hazardous waste. 


1 Priority Environmental Services maintains a strict and comprehensive safety and health program for our employees, sub-contractors and collaborators. 1 Priority’s #1 Priority is safety. We have never received an OSHA, EPA or regulatory violation, and our leadership has participated in the development of indoor air quality regulations for mold, lead and asbestos during the past 20+ years.

Outdoor Range Environmental Support

1 Priority provides 20+ years of experience with firing range services for rifle, pistol, trap, and skeet ranges

  • Range Maintenance and Improvements
  • Lead Reclamation and Recycling
  • Range Closure
  • Range Decommissioning or Reconstruction

Indoor Range Environmental Support

1 Priority offers numerous indoor range services that include:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • ead reclamation

We support range decommissioning and demolition projects. Our leadership team reviews objectives at a location to understand ways that cost-effective approaches will support a budget and needs. 1 Priority works with shooting range owners and operators so that their short and long term needs are accomplished.

Lead Abatement for Indoor and Outdoor Firing Ranges.
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1 Priority Environmental Services, LLC.

We offer our clients what they need - a full range of Abatement, Indoor Air Quality, and Decontamination services - at a competitive price with an excellent reporting and compliance record. We manage our projects safely and complete all projects correctly the first time. We do our best to develop customers for life.

1 Priority Environmental Services is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, with regional Texas offices located in Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Gatesville (Fort Hood), Lubbock, and have regional offices located in Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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