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Facts about interior protection

Interior protection cuts down on dust and debris, reduces risk, and eliminates delays to construction schedules.

Dust & Debris Containment Systems

1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc. provides interior protection solutions and dust control for all types of projects including:

  • Re-Roofing
  • Construction Wall Barriers for Remodeling including Hospital & Challenging Applications
  • High Structure Cleaning

1 Priority develops custom applications, including pressure differential containment for especially delicate operations such as clean room applications.

1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc. management and staff has over 30 years experience in environment services and have successfully completed  over  25,000 compliant, on-time and at budget projects to some the nation's largest and most respected companies, educational facilities, shopping malls and governmental agencies. We have kept these facilities clean and safe using the same technology that we utilize for dust and debris containment systems. 

Dust and debris containment systems can provide specially sourced polyethylene wrap that is strong enough to provide  the temporary interior protection needed while still allowing light to penetrate and maintaining fire retardant status. 

1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc. will install a custom barrier, with or without negative pressure, and with or without 24-hour personnel monitoring. Our teams help to ensure operations continue with as little interruption as possible.

Interior Protection. 1 Priority. Your Solution.

feature project

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Project: Textured Paint Coating Removal

1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc. removed 348,000 square feet -- approximately 12 miles of roadway -- of asbestos containing paint coating from concrete highway walls, bridge walls, barriers and bridge abutments for TxDOT providing a Uniform Blast Finish final product for consistent aesthetics and roadway beautification. This 153 work day project required very restrictive work hours and traffic control on one of Dallas-Fort Worth’s busiest highways in addition to the always present containment and regulatory requirements for asbestos abatement.

Wet Abrasive Blasting for Asbestos Project Size: $730,000

General Contractor: Classic City Utility, Inc.