Fact about asbestos:

Individual asbestos fibers are up to 700 times smaller than a human hair and because they’re so small, once released into the air, they may stay suspended there for hours or even days making it extremely easy to inhale.

Photo: Asbestos fibers under the microscope

Asbestos Abatement and Removal: Buildings

1 Priority Environmental Services is a licensed, experienced and compliant asbestos abatement and asbestos removal contractor with 7 locations throughout Texas and Louisiana.  Our staff and management have performed over 20,000 successful asbestos abatement projects since 1985.

Our extensive background and experience have allowed us to successfully conduct asbestos removal projects for a diverse client base on the following types of projects:

  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Operation and Maintenance

1 Priority understands that a collaborative approach is essential for successful projects that involve agencies, consultants, contractors and other stakeholders in the renovation or demolition process.  We foster strong relationships with contractors and engineers that are involved with a project, and we ensure that all personnel on location operate safely and are briefed on all current operations. 

Our team members support good communications, prompt attention to paperwork and ensure that work plans are compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.  1 Priority's team members are experienced with complying with governmental agencies and regulatory bodies that include:

  • EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
  • OSHA - Occupational Safety & Health
  • NIOSH - National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
  • AHERA - Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act
  • NESHAPS - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • TDSHS - Texas Department of State Health Services
  • LDEQ - Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

 We hold licenses in many states; and, several of our personnel hold security clearances.  This enables us to provide a full spectrum of asbestos removal and insulation services. All Field Supervisors and Technicians are fully licensed and have significant training in safety and the latest techniques to keep projects running smoothly and on budget.

Asbestos. 1 Priority. Your Solution.

Featured Projects

Location: Dallas, Texas
Project:  Multiple Concourses 
Asbestos Abatement Project Size: $1,600,000.00
General Contractor: Hensel Phelps


Location: Dallas, Texas
Project:  Multiple Campuses
Asbestos Abatement Project Size: $2,000,000.00+
General Contractor: AECOM 

Location: Denton, Texas
Project:  Multiple Buildings
Asbestos Abatement Project Size: $250,000.00
General Contractor: 
University of North Texas

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Project:  Multiple Terminals
Asbestos Abatement Project Size: $185,000.00
General Contractor: 3i & Centennial Contractors